About Justin

Justin lives in Chicago. He grew up in a very small,  conservative, religion oriented town near Philadelphia. He was blessed with a loving family and a close knit church and private school system that offered – and continues to offer – a nurturing community and first rate education from kindergarten through college, to all who want it, both within and from outside the community. [See Academy of the New Church ]

Justin has degrees from Penn State, and Loyola University of Chicago. His diverse interests and education in arts and sciences led to a career of more than forty five years – teaching philosophy, humanities and world religions – at the community college level. Retirement has allowed more time to visit children and grandchildren, travel near and far, research and write. He plans to continue looking for conversations that may bring greater awareness, more open, generous perspectives, and genuine knowledge to all who join in. In other words, he invites people to join him on the path to discover what is truly good, in their personal lives and in their society. Once a thinker, always a thinker… he hopes.

Feel free to email justin@justinswebsite.org with any questions, comments or suggestions for the development of this site, or to submit contributions.

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