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Justin retired from a long career, teaching philosophy, world religions and humanities in and near Chicago. Above all, critical thinking has been his teaching goal - i.e. to encourage the habit of asking questions, and looking for answers that are well supported by reasoning. His style is to engage people in discussion in a relaxed atmosphere. His goal is to be a true philosopher ('lover of wisdom') and show others the value of a generous, open-minded and objective search for the biggest, truest picture of reality possible. It may sound old fashioned today, but he believes there is a reality which is approachable, and worth looking for. His motto is “Once a thinker, always a thinker.” He continues the journey over the Web, seeking interaction with students, friends and strangers, through essays, books and blog posts.

Hyperbole is Awesome AND Amazing!

Image-Making By Speech and Dress “Of course!” is not the  right answer to a customer’s “Thank you”. Neither is “No problem!”, or  “Thank YOU!” But this is how the staff at my local coffee shop talk. It seems the conventional response … Continue reading

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